Reel with 600 m of Φ 2 mm line

For the establishment of connection between distant points of terrain by drone, you need to first deliver the initial line. There is 600 m/2000 ft of strong but light and visible line on our reel. The reel also has a cutter and all the carabiners you need for quick action, everything is there and ready, if you already have a Payload Drop System on a drone. 

The line can also be cut at any lenght for payload delivery or for any other use. 

One example of using this product is described in our ACADEMY section case: HORIZONTAL LINE ESTABLISHMENT BY DRONE.


Reel with 600 m/2000 ft of Φ 2 mm initial line,

Carabiner-weight (for establishment of the connection),

Cutter attached on the reel,

3 small aluminium carabiners.


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