Mammoth M210 V2 Payload Drop System

Mammoth M210 V2 has been developed for DJI M210 V2, with a specially designed mounting bracket.

With Quick installation plate, you can install and uninstall the system by screwing 2 bolts without the need to use any tools.

The mounting bracket allows the installation of 1, 2 and even 3 Mammoth Payload Drop Systems at the same time. This enables your Aircraft to become a multifunctional tool in any situation needing safe delivery of multiple items to different locations without having to return to a starting point. This means saving time, energy and being more efficient where response time is crucial.

Mammoth is made of aluminium and stainless steel, thus light, robust and reliable. Weight of the system is 250 g (9 oz). 

Servo motor is brushless, digital with metal gears.

Load capacity of Mammoth Payload Drop System is 5 kg (11 lbs)*. 

M210 installation and setup tutorial for Mammoth Payload Drop System (opens in YouTube)

M210 installation tutorial for Mammoth Payload Drop System (opens in YouTube)

M210 setup tutorial for Mammoth release system (opens in YouTube)

* Mammoth is designed to carry more than 5 kg of weight, however we recommend taking into account the capacity of your drone. You must calculate total payload that your drone is carrying (cameras, parachute, sensors, lights etc.). Follow all safety measures at all times.

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